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about us


We, Kaldırım Association, are a community that believes in the empowering and unifying effect of culture and art. We believe that art, especially music, is a language that finds meaning between people. As Kaldırım Association, our aim is to support independent artists, enrich culture and bring communities together with the fascinating world of art.

our vision

As Kaldırım Association, we believe that art and culture have a power that transcends borders. We aim to create a cultural and artistic transformation in society by supporting independent artists, organizing cultural and artistic events, and discovering and supporting young talents.

Our Mission

With our belief that art is an accessible and effective tool for everyone, we strive to celebrate cultural diversity and bring communities together using the unifying power of art. We want to create a community that keeps art alive, supports and shares it through the events, workshops and concerts we organize in our association.

What Do We Do?
  • Providing support to independent artists.

  • Providing music production and recording studio services.

  • Organizing cultural and artistic events.

  • Organizing workshops and workshops.

  • To popularize art and culture in society.

Why Sidewalk Association?

Because we are a team that aims to use the power of art to bring together and transform societies. Each of us believes that art is an inclusive and universal language, and we set out with this belief.

If you want to be with us on this art-filled journey, support us and grow together, take your place in the Kaldırım Association!

Thank you, Y. Ziya Terzioğlu and İsmail H. Baykara
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